Those of you who tried out my original interface for my Round arrangement tool will have found it a challenge for their eye/ear/hand/mouseclick co-ordination - possibly too much of a challenge for it to be useful.

My latest version of this activity requires the user to drag each of the parts to the desired entry point on the music score. They then press the play button and Flash triggers the part when the bar indicator passes over the part.

The first note head in each part needs to be line up with the desired trigger point - these are the pink vertical lines on the score. Depending on the clock speed of your computer you may need to offset your placement of the parts to achieve the best results.

This example requires the lastest version of the Flash Player.

Click here to get it now.

Now try the Drag A Round .

Also, here is the Vocal version of the Drag A Round. (P.S. for those with perfect pitch the vocals are in C major but I haven't changed the score graphic, which is still in the key of G major.)

Here are two versions of the Play A Round Flash Movie.
Try to trigger each of the four parts to create a round.
You trigger the parts by clicking on the Parts Play button.

I have included two versions of the movie:

See how you go and I'd welcome feedback.


Andrew Cuthbertson

Last Updated: Friday 12th January 2001