The Online Drum Sequencer allows the user to compose their own drum loop
using sound samples.

A sequencer is an application that allows the user to create a music performance by organising or sequencing MIDI performance instructions or audio samples.

I have created a simple sequencer using Flash 5 and a number of drum kit audio samples.

For this presentation to work you will need the latest version of the Flash Player that is compatible with Flash 5 installed on your computer. This is freely available from the Macromedia web site. Click here to get it now.

Below is the interface and an explanation on how to use the Online Drum Sequencer.

Have fun and I'd appreciate any feedback.

  1. These are the instrument buttons. Move your mouse over these to hear the sound and click on them to make extra copies of the samples to drag onto the grid.
  2. These are the instrument samples. They can be dragged onto the grid. You can also hear their sound by moving your mouse over each sample. Each instrument sample has the same colour as its instrument button.
  3. This is a copy of the instrument sample made by clicking on the instrument button. Once you have made a copy of a sample you cannot delete it until you reset the program. However any samples placed on the white space around the grid will not be played.
  4. This is the grid any sample placed on here will be played.
  5. Drag the samples to the grid and use the lines to line them up.
  6. This is the cursor and in play mode this will trigger the samples.
  7. These buttons are used to play and stop the sequencer. When the play button is pressed the cursor will loop until the stop button is pressed.
  8. The reset button is used to rest the sequencer and will clear the grid and any sample copies you have made.

Click on note to go to the Online Drum Sequencer.

If you cannot see the note then you don't have Flash installed Click here to get it now.

Created by Andrew P. Cuthbertson
Last updated January 14, 2001