Music Videos

Music videosHere are some music videos I have created using some of my original songs and some covers. All these videos can be found on my YouTube channel

God Works for Good - One of the great things about our God is that he has the ability to take the bad times in our lives and draw something positive from them. -- see the Paul's letter to the Romans chapter 8 verse 28.
I don't think this necessarily means that we will look back on the bad and hard times of our lives and say -- "gee I'm glad that happened to me."
This verse in Romans provides a promise that we can hold on to that in our dark times of despair that God will bring us out and that even though it's hard we need just to hold on.

Born on Christmas Day – This is the video I made for my song “Born on Christmas”. At the time of writing this the video has had over 22,000 hits on YouTube!! However I think the reason for this is that it has the same title as a song by the American country singer Brad Paisley.

Christ is Born Today – This is the story of the shepherds visiting the baby Jesus. The words are set to that well known song "Jingle Bells" and this arranges owes a lot to Colin's "Aussie Jingle Bells". Not sure who wrote the words for this song - but it is a fun song to use with kids at Christmas.Most of the images in this clip come from a film strip called "It Began in Bethlehem" published by Concordia Films in the late 1950s.

Wisemen Rap -  This is the story of the Three Wisemen as they seek out Jesus the promised Saviour of the world. Not sure who wrote the words for this tune. I first heard it in the early 90s when I created a backing track for some kids to perform it at a Christmas service. The video clip uses images from “The Secret of the Star – The Story of the Wise Men”, an Arch Book published in 1967.

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